Covid brought the world to a stand still but babies are still being born, birthdays are still being celebrated and we still need to document our days.

How does it all work?

A virtual session is a photoshoot through your iPhone/ iPad or Android device. We will walk around your home and I'll let you know when we find the best light.

You need to secure your phone to something; a tin of beans and a hairband work best. I will then edit the photos in my signature style and our little phone photos becomes a piece of fine art. All in the comfort of your own home

Starting from £75 - packages include professionally edited images + GIF

Looking for the perfect lockdown present? A virtual session is the ultimate modern gift.

mother breastfeeding baby on armchair virtual photography
pregnant woman shadow on wall virtual photography
mother breastfeeding on bed in shadows virtual session
mother breastfeeding baby virtual session
mother breastfeeding baby in sunlight virtual photography
mother and toddler reading a book on a bed
mother and baby sitting on floor in shadows
mother breastfeeding on bed
mother and baby naked cuddling virtual photographer
mum and daughters in bath playing virtual photography
virtual session naked woman with arm up
virtual photography girl with halo
virtual session naked womans back
woman with afro and crown virtual photography
virtual photography tattooed girl with tulle