KQ Associate Team

I'm so incredibly proud of the group of talented photographers who make up my associate team so I thought it's only right to give a little shout out to the role they play within my business. They both enhance and support my ability to deliver the type of wedding photography I have become known for. Team work most definitely makes the dream work.

bride and groom and second shooter


What is an associate photographer?

A. Put simply it's a photographer who isn't me who works alongside me as a second shooter or in a primary shooter role.

Primary shooting v second shooting

A. The primary shooter is the photographer who is in charge/leads on the wedding day. Second shooting is a collaborative role working alongside me or my associate team to cover different physical locations or angles on a wedding day.

More about the team

A. My associate team is made up of 6 experienced photographers, each one is a full-time primary shooter in their own right. They have all worked alongside me and know my approach and style. I am very bias but I consider them to be some of the best in the Scottish wedding industry.

How it works

A. If I am not available to shoot your wedding you can request a member of the associate team. Contracts, communications, editing and delivery of images are all dealt with and overseen by me. Associate team schedules are fixed 6 months in advance so you'll have plenty of time to get to know them before your wedding day.