About the Artist

Kellee was born and raised in a small seaside town in the west of Scotland. Daughter of nightclub owners, she grew up surrounded by music and the sounds of the ’70s & ’80s. A visit to Rome at age 12 sparked her lifelong love for art and travel. 

Kellee is self-taught and began documenting her days with photography after the birth of her son, Brùin. Her work is intimate and honest, capturing the transient moments of parenthood, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Through her artistic journey and fighting censorship issues, ‘breastfeeding as art’ has been her leading project.

An Australian dual-citizen, she currently lives in Ayrshire, Scotland surrounded and inspired by its dramatic skies and landscapes. She is about to embark on the renovation of their 1903 Edwardian Villa by the sea with her husband and two young sons.

Her creative response during the Covid-19 pandemic was virtual photography. Her virtual project ‘Mothers of the Highlands and Islands' will continue in person after pandemic restrictions are lifted. 

Credit: Twyla Jones Photography

woman in white dress on Glencoe mountain

Kind Words

Kind Words

“Kellee is utterly amazing! I could not be happier. I had never met Kellee before and she turned up at our house, instantly making everyone love her, including my cat! She made us very relaxed and knew exactly what she was doing, constantly looking for the best light and best position. The results are more than I could ever have expected - I am delighted and I highly recommend every mum books Kellee ASAP”