Covid brought the world to a standstill, but life continued. Virtual photography sessions are for those seeking to capture raw and authentic moments from the safety of home. The sessions are completely remote and conducted through an app on your phone. I direct, take the photos and edit them as I would an in-person shoot.

These sessions are perfect for new mothers and motherhood sessions as the unobtrusive nature of how the images are taken allows for a more intimate and authentic session. The familiarity of your phone helps create a relaxed atmosphere for little ones and makes it easier to photograph genuine moments at home.

mother breastfeeding baby on arm chair on blue striped kimono
mother breastfeeding sitting on the floor
pregnant mother sitting on bench in shadows
mother sitting on floral bedspread while feeing her baby
black and white portrait of tattooed girl with tulle dress
daughter cradling mothers neck as mother holds baby
black and white portrait of mother playing with her baby with her legs in the air
pregnant woman shadow on wall virtual photography
black and white breastfeeding images of mother moving her hair out of her face while baby feeds
toddler sitting on bed watching mother walk past
mother feeding her baby on bed with beautiful window light
kneeling mother looking out of window with her baby in her arms
mother breastfeeding baby in sunlight virtual photography
mother sitting naked on floor holding walking toddler

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

A. A virtual session is a photoshoot through your iPhone/ iPad or Android device.

I will get you to install an app on your phone and I direct and take the photos through your phone as if i was there in person. The images are then uploaded in high resolution to my computer, and I edit them in my signature style.

I phone you through and app called 'Shutter'.

You need to secure your phone to something; I was advised a tin of beans and a hairband work best... we tried it and they were right! If you have someone in the house to hold the phone then we'll rope them in.

Where do I put my phone?

A. You need to secure your phone to something; a tin of beans and a hairband work best, and If you have someone in the house to hold the phone then we'll rope them in to get the best angles.

How much do virtual sessions cost?

A. Starting from £100 - include 5 professionally edited images.

Additional images can be purchased at £25 each, or the whole gallery for £100.

Can I buy a gift card for a virtual session?

A. Absolutely! A virtual session is the ultimate modern gift.