January 11, 2022


Families, Baby

Glasgow babyphotograoher

mother sitting on grand bed with her newborn daughter
father holding newborn daughter
mother sitting on chair in front of window with her baby
close up of newborn in mother and fathers hands
close up baby feet
mother winding baby on her lap
mother and father gazing at their newborn
newborn wrapped in blanket in basket with flowers
father hugging newborn
mother and father gazing at their newborn

Glasgow Baby photography

Ayrshire baby photographer, based in Troon. I travel all over Central Scotland to photograph newborns and their families at home. Natural, intimate portraits of family life. I headed up to Glasgow to spend the morning with little Iris. Navigating the chaos of early parenthood her mum and dad spent a few quiet hours cuddling and gazing at their newborn. No fuss, no rushing, just uninterrupted moments captured, now heirlooms.